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      1. Round Bale Icon
        T L 7800 Wrapper Baleliner Header Image

        The BaleLiner from Tubeline transforms round bale handling and wrapping into a one man operation. This all in one solution combines Tubeline’s proven balewrapping performance with a rugged self-loading 8 bale transporter. Equipped with a self loading arm, the bale wagon gently and easily spins the bales as it places each bale onto the wagon for wrapping. When the job’s done, pack up quickly and easily with the standard piggy back feature. The wrapper conveniently slides onto the bale wagon allowing for easy transport to and from the field with no additional equipment needed.

        Fully Automatic Patented One System Feature Image

        Fully Automatic/Patented ONE system

        The BaleLiner combines Tubeline's bale transport system with the inline wrapper allowing you to transport and wrap your bales all in one machine.

        Final Bale Pushoff Feature Image

        Final Bale Pushoff

        The Baleliner's final bale pushoff pushes the final bale through the hoop and off the ramp when connected to the trailer.

        Pre-tensioners Feature Image


        To create the 55% (approx.) stretch of the plastic, the pre-tensioners are knurled which allows them to grip and pull the plastic between the rollers activating the bonding agent in the film.

        Other Standard Features

        • Automatic coupling to the trailer for wrapping
        • Power source received from the tractor through the trailer
        • Safety shut off switch on guards
        • Guide rollers
        Twin Wrap Kit Feature Image

        Twin Wrap Kit

        Tubeline's Twin Wrap Kit holds two rolls of film and passes them through a single stretcher. This activates the wraps' bonding compound to form a strong 2-Ply layer of film that stands up to tough hay stalks and folds them over helping to prevent piercing of the wrap.

        By combining two sets of two rolls for a total of four, Tubeline's twin wrap kit provides all the same protection as four separate stretchers with the additional benefit of producing a more durable bonded 2-Ply film that stands up better than four single ply layers.

        Errors and omissions excepted. Specifications and images on this page are subject to change without notice. For current information on all of our products, please contact Tubeline Manufacturing.