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      1. Round Bale Icon Square Bale - Single Stacked Icon
        T L 1700 S R Individual Balewrapper Header Image

        Ideal for small to medium sized operations, Tubeline's new TL1700SR Individual BaleWrapper takes command of your square and round bale wrapping. An easy to use wrap counter allows you to set the desired number of rotations of wrap per bale and displays the current rotation.

        Drive Selection Feature Image

        Drive Selection

        Hydraulically powered, the TL1700SR can easily switch between round and square bales by moving the secondary drive shaft on either of the appropriate stub shaft. Each stub shaft changes the drive ratio to provide the appropriate advancement of the bale.

        Integrated Bale Mat Feature Image

        Integrated Bale Mat

        The wrapper's integrated bale mat protects the wrapped bale from being punctured as it is dumped.

        Twin Wrap Kit Feature Image

        Twin Wrap

        Tubeline's Twin Wrap Kit laminates two layers together to form a stronger 2-ply layer of plastic. The Twin Wrap Kit is offset, creating a 4" lead which ensures optimal overlap as the film is layered.

        Other Standard Features

        • Adjustable Guide Rollers
        • Film Crank
        • Bale Bumper
        • Extra Film Storage Area
        • Wrap Cutter
        • Wrap Counter
        Specifications TL1700SR
        Bale Size (Square) 3' x 3' bales from 4' to 7'
        Bale Size (Round) 4' x 4' to 5' x 5'
        Film Width 30" (x2)
        Length 192"
        Width 82"
        Height 95"
        Weight 2,865 lbs.
        HP Required 30
        Hitch Trailer (Clevis)
        Drive Type Hydraulic
        Guide Roller 2
        Manual Flow Control Feature Image

        Manual Flow Control

        Power Pack Feature Image

        13HP Honda Power Pack

        Automatic Wrapping Feature Image

        Automatic Wrapping with Remote Control

        Convert your 2020 TL 1700SR Bale Wrapper to fully automatic cycling with our new Automatic Wrapping Option.


        • Fully automatic cycling
        • Remote auto start and stop from the tractor's seat
        • Easy to use console for wrapper initializing and setup

        Errors and omissions excepted. Specifications and images on this page are subject to change without notice. For current information on all of our products, please contact Tubeline Manufacturing.