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      1. Balefeeder Stationary and Trailed Header Image

        Tubeline Stationary Chainless BaleFeeders are ideal for custom rebaling operations. The units allow you to take large rounds off your field before the weather turns gray, and reprocess them as needed to suit customers' or your own needs.

        Stationary Unit

        Trailed Unit

        Balefeeder Chainless Logo

        The hydraulic bale platform on the 5000 Chainless BaleFeeders presses the bale into two rows of specifically designed rotors which unravel the bale as it spins, keeping the bales from tumbling or turning. The top rotor turn 3 times faster, fluffing the hay as it unravels.

        Hydraulic Bale Platform Feature Image

        Hydraulic Bale Platform

        The platform keeps the bale tight against the rotors without the use of apron chains. 5000 Series

        Varying Speed Rotors Feature Image

        Varying Speed Rotors

        The top rotor turns 3 times faster, fluffing the hay as the bale unravels. 5000 Series

        Specifications BF5000 S BF5000T
        Processing Type Chainless Chainless
        Unit Type Stationary Trailer
        Loading NA NA
        Capacity 4,000 lbs. 4,000 lbs.
        Size (W/L) 100"/90" 100"/150"
        HP Required 40 HP 40 HP
        Min. Pressure 2,000 PSI 2,000 PSI
        Remotes Required 2 2
        For use with Hay, Straw, Baleage, Silage Hay, Straw, Baleage, Silage
        Bale Capacity 1 2
        Bale Bumper Opt. Opt.
        Bale Bumper Feature Image

        Bale Bumper

        The optional bale bumper helps to ensure the bale stays put on the table when in operation. 5000 Series

        Square Bale Extension Feature Image

        Square Bale Extension

        The square bale extension gives your BaleFeeder the ability to feed square bales in addition to round bales. Quick and easy to attach, this extension is also adjustable allowing for feeding of a range of lengths of square bales.

        Errors and omissions excepted. Specifications and images on this page are subject to change without notice. For current information on all of our products, please contact Tubeline Manufacturing.