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      1. Technobale Header Image

        The TechnoBale's fully adjustable arm is designed to give the bale a spin before picking it up, so you can follow the path of the baler without time-consuming and damaging cross-tracking. You can adjust everything from the arm to the bale guides on the TechnoBale to fit your preferred bale size, from 4x4 to 5x6, for safe and simple operation. The convenient hydraulics are designed to work with most tractors' available hydraulics requiring only two sets of auxiliary outlets, moving from the loading cycle to the unloading cycle with the flip of a switch.

        Push Ram Feature Image

        Scissor Push Ram

        Scissor style pusher reduces cycle time.

        Easy Unloading Feature Image

        Easy Unloading

        Hydraulic cylinders raise the bed up to 45 degrees to quickly unload bales in a row.

        Pick Up Arm Feature Image

        Pick Up Arm

        Pickup arm gently spins the bale into position.

        Other Standard Features

        • Low Profile Design
        • Fully Adjustable
        • Comes complete with electric diverter valve for third function to operate unloading tilt cylinder
        • All wiring and hose couplers included
        • Heavy duty adjustable loading arm
        • Double cylinder on tilt bed
        Specifications 960 980
        Auxiliary Outlets Required 2 2
        Horsepower Requirement 100 HP min 120 HP min
        Tires 12.5 x 15 12 Ply 15/55 x 17" 18 Ply
        Hub Ratings 6 Bolt, 6,000 lbs. 8 Stud, 12,000 lbs.
        Shipping Length 20' 25'
        Shipping Width 9'8" 10'
        Operating Width 10'5" 12'
        Operating Length 20' (+4.5' extensions for end bale) 25' (+4.5' extensions for end bale)
        Shipping Weight 4,735 lbs. 7,200 lbs.
        Bale Size 4' x 4' to 5' x 5' 4' x 4' to 5' x 6'
        Bale Capacity on Bed 8 (4' x 4' - 4' x 5')
        6 (5' x 5' - 5' x 6')
        10 (4' x 4' - 4' x 5')
        8 (5' x 5' - 5' x 6')

        Errors and omissions excepted. Specifications and images on this page are subject to change without notice. For current information on all of our products, please contact Tubeline Manufacturing.